Call for partners

YiA Action 3.1 Training Course:


4th-12th August 2013 – Ödemiş, TURKEY

The main themes of the Training Course are: strategies for increasing youth employability, recognition of non-formal education, youth active participation, entrepreneurship.

The Training Course aims to boost youth workers’ capacity to foster young people employability contributing to increase the access of young people to social rights and to fight against exclusion and poverty.

The specific objectives are:

  • to foster participants’ understanding on the main causes and consequences of youth unemployment in Europe and learn how to reframe it from a human rights perspective,
  • to learn about the main policies on youth employment in Europe and partner countries,
  • to acquire basic knowledge on the key factors involved in increasing youth employability,
  • to raise awareness for the importance of young people’s active involvement in the development of employment projects and strategies by acquiring basic knowledge on how to foster this dimension,
  • to reinforce the value of non-formal education in youth employability field,
  • to recognize the need for networking when working on youth employability and to develop basic networking strategies,
  • to promote discussion on the importance of entrepreneurship and learn how youth workers can promote it through non-formal education,
  • to foster discussion on the specific issue of employability of young people with fewer opportunities,
  • to share best practices on youth employability,
  • to create follow up projects that can multiply the results of the training,
  • to increase cooperation among NGOs in Europe and its Neighboring Countries in the field of youth and employment.

The methods will be applied are: world-café, case studies, debates, group work, simulations, role-play, videos, field visit, arts, brainstorming, etc.

The target group is: Youth/Social workers and youth leaders


Venue: Ödemiş, TURKEY

Duration: 8 days (included travel days)

Dates: 4th-12th August 2013

Economic Conditions: %70 of travel and %100 of accommodation expenses will be covered by the project.


If you are interested to be a partner please fill, sign and stamp the partnership agreement which may be found in the attachment and send it to Senem Kalafat via e-mail and fax to the number +390916197543 until the 20th of January!