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DARE TO CHANGE: Youth employment through social entrepreneurship

Place and Dates: Palermo (Italy) 19 – 27 July 2015


The objectives of the project are:

1. To develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences in social entrepreneurship,

2. To learn how to create and run a social entrepreneurship training with young people,

3. To discover and share different social entrepreneurship initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean area and in the world,

4. To learn how to encourage youth initiative and boost entrepreneurship competence in young people,

5. To foster young people’s active participation in society and underline their role as agents of social change,

6. To encourage young people to get involved in alternative economic systems with a stronger social responsibility dimension.


Pedagogic methods will be based on non formal education and cooperative learning. The main part of the learning outcomes will come from the participation of the participants. The group will actually came up with new ideas and new results just thanks to the flow of communication among them and thanks to work of trainers and facilitators. But that the trainers will have a maieutic approach, transferring for sure some knowledge but mainly letting them express and taking out all the resources that they have. Sharing together the knowledge, synergies will be created and new knowledge will come out. Together with this participatory approach there will be also meetings and panels with local actors of social and solidarity economy to show concrete examples to the participants. We will invite representatives of successful social start up companies, this will be the occasion for them to be in interaction with professionals of this kind of work and also to understand all the methods they follow to realize their projects.

For the other parts of the training, we will use active methods such as role play, debates, discussions, situations analysis, reflections through various medium (document, video, pictures,…). And we plan to use the methodology of the world cafè to stimulate the discussion and the synergies between participants. We will have a special focus on sharing international experiences about the same topic. Through the various methods it will be ensured that participants have enough space to discuss and share about the theme and cultural issues, so that they will have the change to get to know each other and develop relationships. Furthermore we aim to stimulate critical thinking by the use of debates and confrontation and we also aim to work on values by the use of activities by which participants can reflect on their personal attitudes and values.

The learner centered and interactive methods will also ensure the active involvement of the participants. Besides that participants will have an active role in the monitoring and evaluation of the project, since the pre-course phase until the impact evaluation.


35 participants representing the 10 partner organizations from Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Jordan, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Greece.

3 participants from each partner organization, except for 2 participants from Turkey and 4 participants from Portugal.

They are:

 trainers/ youth workers/ young leaders

 able to communication and work in English.

 able to attend the full duration of the seminar.

 be aged between 18 – 35. The group will respect gender balance.


Training Without Borders (Egypt)

PADIL, SERVICES…à la portée des associations… (Tunisia)

House of Faith (Bulgaria)

Egitim Ve Kalkinmanin Yayginlastirilmasi Icin Uluslararasi Merkez Dernegi (Turkey)

Narviksenteret (Norway)

I Dare for Sustainable Development (non profit) (Jordan)

DESA – Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Education&Mobility (Spain)

Associação Juvenil da Ilha Terceira (Portugal)



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