GIVE A HAND FOR POVERTY is  a training course with 9 European and Mediterranean countries and 11 partners-TURKIYE,GREECE,POLAND,PORTUGAL,ROMANIA,SLOVENIA,SPAIN,ITALY,LATVIA.

The themes that course includes are POVERTY,HUMAN RIGHTS and SOCIAL EXCLUSION-INCLUSION.

The aim of course is  to manage something for the other people who need us. Participants from different countries will have chance to investigate social exclusion and poverty, differences and inequalities between people and perceive what exactly human rights are. And also, they will discover the causes and consequences of poverty, try to supply better conditions especially for young people who have limited facilities. At the end, every participant will be aware of human rights, the effects of poverty and social exclusion on communities ; so they will have a chance to explain this to their own communities.We foresee that in the following projects youth will become more conscious about their roles against poverty and they will become more active in society thanks to this project.

We have responsibilities for the other people and we cannot be blind and deaf for the needs of others anymore.

The foreseen main activities are:Compass activities; seminars with experts in the issue; round-tables; debates and group discussion activities; simulations; role plays and artistic workshops. All activities will be developed according to a peace education approach and a non-formal education system based on a learning by doing methodology and a participatory and democratic learning process.